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You are probably paying close to $200 a month (or more) for your television and internet services.  It’s crazy.  You start off with a good price for 12 months and while you’re busy working and having a life, the price doubles and triples on you.  Most likely you found this page because you’re tired of paying the bill when you only watch a couple of TV shows.

We’ve been there.  We cut the cord on our cable television over 9 years ago (before the awesome streaming services available now).  With several teenage children who are happy with not having cable, we consider ourselves experts in this area and have worked with lots of customers to help them make the switch.

Need advice?  Let’s set-up a service call to come out and formulate a plan for you to go cable free!

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#1 Schedule A Consult

Give The Good Geeks and we will set-up a time with you to setup a time to sit-down and discuss which TV shows you can’t live without as well as the televisions and tablets / laptops / smart phones in every room of your house. We come to you so we can evaluate your internet speed to make certain you have enough bandwidth to stream television and if antenna service is a possibility in your home (free football).

#2 We Work Together

We come to you and discuss how you watch television and which family members watch TV in the different rooms of your house.  We will create a map of your television preferences and determine which streaming services will meet your needs. We’ll evaluate your bandwidth and televisions and make recommendations to cut your relationship with cable to save you a boatload of money every month.

#3 Installation & Training

We provide professional installation and set-up of your custom designed television plan including all required devices (Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast and Roku). After the installation is complete we sit down with you and teach you how to use them.  Not to worry, we’ll leave you with personalized instructions and we encourage our customers to call, text or email their questions.

Reasons To Choose The Good Geeks


We stay up to date and current on the latest technology and consumer reports so we can provide our customers with the best possible recommendations for home and office.


We maintain personal relationships with our customers and are able to provide knowledgeable and ongoing support for years to come.

TV Experts

We have over 20 years of experience meeting the technological needs of our customers: and we have 3 teenage children who love TV!

Real Customer Reviews

“These guys are honest, competent, thorough, professional, and sincere. I’ve had 2 terrific experiences with The Good Geeks and recommend them very highly.”

– John S.

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