We convert tapes, reels, cassettes and vinyl.

Good Geeks can convert analog video tapes (VHS) to digital DVD’s which will play on most DVD players and computers. Our process makes a digital replica of your tape placed your choice of media: DVD, USB or the cloud!

Tapes to DVD

$25 Per Tape


Reels to DVD

$25 Per Reel

8mm and Super 8 Silent Movies

Music to CD

$10 Per Side

Cassettes & Vinyl (33s & 45s)

Frequently Asked Questions

Mail your tapes or bring them in:

540 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA 02045

Audio Conversion

The Good Geeks can convert analog cassette tapes and vinyl records to digital CD’s . As part of the process you can choose either MP3 or Wave (analog) format on the CD. Our process makes a digital replica of your tape and as such we currently do not offer editing services. For 2 sided tapes and vinyl recordings, your newly created CD will have 2 tracks.

It is important to point out that the conversion process will NOT increase the quality of the recording by converting to CD. It will, however, be as good as the original media we have to work with and being “digital” won’t wear out over time like a cassette or vinyl record.

Real Customer Reviews

“I recently converted several reels of film to mp4 files. Considering these were nearly 50 year old super 8, the results were excellent. One film was slightly off frame, and Kat re-converted it. They are super nice and easy to work with. ”

– Ian W.

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